Sint Maarten, the Dutch way kids get their candy.

Every year just after dusk on November 11, kids all over western Europe start roaming the streets with their homemade lanterns. Singing songs at all the doors in the neighbourhood in exchange for some chocolate, candy or lollypops. And although children and parents alike enjoy this night, the huge collection of sugar can be a worry for some parents. Well, help is here; we will show how you can easily use Sint Maarten as the perfect way to start talking about the dangers of too much sugar and at the same time it is a great starting point for the financial education of your kids. Don’t believe us, just watch.

Although we are giving suggestions and tips on how to get an educational aspect into Sint Maarten, we can not stress enough that we love this holiday and that it should be a night of fun, sugar and laughter, with homemade lanterns, crazy songs and a continuous sugar high whilst tracking down the house with the best candy.

So, the way for you to treat Sint Maarten is to treat it not just as the ultimate sugar fest for your kids, but also as an educational experience. This means that you can think about what you want your kids to learn. Do you want to teach them about the value of candy, about paying interest or taxes or do you want to show that they can pay for your help with their lantern.

All of these topics are for the parent to decide but also bear mind, it should always be a fun and exciting holiday and your kids are allowed be a little hyperactive from all the sugar at the end of the evening.

So, if you really want to read more about this subject, visit Time Magazine and read more about this.


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